Lower your baby's risk of chronic illness by up to 90%:

Our desire as parents for our children to live happy, healthy lives is being challenged by an epidemic of chronic diseases. Half of all babies born today will develop allergies, up to a third will become asthmatic or suffer from eczema, and 1 in 68 will be diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. 

You don't have to accept these odds. Through simple diet and lifestyle choices, you can lower your baby's risk of developing a chronic disease by up to 90 percent. Referencing over 600 scientific studies, Growing Healthy Babies is the comprehensive guidebook every parent needs.

What you'll learn:

  • How your baby's immune system develops, and how you can strengthen it to prevent chronic illness.
  • How friendly bacteria, your microbiome, shape both your and your baby's health, and how to protect and improve your microbiome.
  • Which dietary choices and supplements during and after pregnancy make a real difference to your baby's health, according to scientific studies.
  • Why environmental factors and certain household products can trigger chronic disease, and how to choose healthier alternatives.
  • How birth choices and breastfeeding can influence your baby's long-term health.

About the authors:

Michelle Henning is a graduate of the Irish Institute of Nutrition & Health. Her articles have been featured in WIRED MagazinePathways to Family Wellness, BabyCenter, and many other outlets.

Dr. Victor Henning is an award-winning scientist, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and founder of Mendeley, a leading scientific collaboration platform. He has published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and has been featured in The New York Times and The Guardian.

Michelle and Victor are lifelong allergy sufferers. They wanted their baby to grow up healthy, so they investigated the medical literature on how to prevent chronic illness. In this book, they are sharing their research with other parents.